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Moving Home When Pregnant – Hard, But Not Impossible

Pregnant woman

Relocating to a new neighbourhood or town is probably the last thing you would like to do when you are pregnant. But since we are not always in control of the circumstance in our life, sometimes that scenario cannot be avoided. If you are expecting and planning to move house soon, you should be prepared for a few difficulties along the way. However, with the right mindset and with proper organisation, you will go through this experience in a swift…

The Interesting Borough of Camden

Downshire Hill, Hampstead

Located in the central parts of London, Camden is one of the city’s smallest boroughs. It covers an area of 8.4 square miles and has an estimate population of 235.000 people. The borough is home to numerous world famous buildings, entertainment venues, touristic sites and green areas. It is also the location of some of London’s most prominent districts. The area of Bloomsbury lies in the southern parts of Camden and has a population of about 10.000 people. The district…