Moving Home When Pregnant – Hard, But Not Impossible

Pregnant woman

Relocating to a new neighbourhood or town is probably the last thing you would like to do when you are pregnant. But since we are not always in control of the circumstance in our life, sometimes that scenario cannot be avoided. If you are expecting and planning to move house soon, you should be prepared for a few difficulties along the way. However, with the right mindset and with proper organisation, you will go through this experience in a swift and smooth way.

Best time to relocate

If you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy, you may want to postpone the moving day for a couple of weeks. Most mothers-to-be experience morning sickness (that for some continues throughout the entire day) during the first weeks of their pregnancy. However, do not wait for too long either because the final trimester won’t be easy on you. For the most time, you will feel big and heavy, which will make even simple things like walking a challenge. That is why the second trimester seems like the ideal time for moving when expecting a baby. You are less likely to feel sick during that period. Plus, you will still be able to see your feet.

Avoid stressful situations

Stress can be very dangerous when you are carrying a child as it can lead to many complications. Therefore, do everything in your power to minimise it. For instance, do not leave anything for the last minute. Cross out even the simplest and quickest tasks on your list, like labelling the moving boxes. Another great tip that will help you reduce stress when relocating is to plan the whole affair from beginning to end. Create a timeline of the move to stay more organised. However, leave some room for mistakes and delays as these things are likely to happen no matter how much time you spend in preparation.

Take the backseat

Don’t overwork yourself and leave the heavy jobs to someone else. Get help from your relatives and friends. Assign everyone different tasks and handle the less physically demanding jobs, like making inventory lists and planning the positions of your furniture in your new home. Also, consider booking a domestic removal company. In that way, you will not need to worry about all the annoying details about the move and you will have the opportunity to enjoy a quick relocation.

Make doctor arrangements

Pregnant womanIf you are moving to another district, city or country, you must not forget to find a new doctor and a healthcare provider. Do a proper research and go through all the options you have. Your current doctor may be able to connect you to a good professional in the field or to at least make some valuable recommendations. See your new doctor and provide him or her with copies of your medical records as soon as you can. That will allow them to continue your antenatal care plan without wasting time.

Other things you should do include:

  • Resting regularly
  • Eating healthy
  • Following a strict sleep schedule
  • Avoid lifting heavy boxes