Student Removals Tips and Tricks

If you are a student looking to relocate in the near future, either from your parent’s home to the dormitory or from the dormitory to a rented house/apartment, you might find the following tips quite useful.

Student removals are traditionally smaller and seem less complex than full-scale domestic relocations, but the truth of the matter is that they should be approached with the due care and preparation, with the specifics in mind, if you want to be truly successful at them.

The initial preparations are vital

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have a reliable man and van in Ratcliff E1 or wherever in the capital you will be moving to for help with the project. Having movers and packers whom you can trust is vital for your peace of mind and timely completion of the job. There are quite a few high-quality student removal services in London you can choose from, so just do your research.

Planning is the key to every successful relocation project, student removals included. Here are some basic rules about planning such a line of work:

  • Start early – do not get fooled by the tricky feeling you have enough time; ensure your peace of mind by sorting out the problems with packing, finding movers etc. early on;
  • Organize the packing – do not just pack everything you see; think about what you really need. Chances are that you will have limited space at your new premises, so use it wisely;
  • Purchase packing supplies – if you get them from your local movers, or purchase them second hand, you will be able to save a pretty penny.

Learning how to make use of space while packing your clothes is also going to be a wise move. Remember, even if you hire the cheapest man and van in Stratford E15, you can still save some money if you get fewer boxes/suitcases with you.

Make the new place feel like home

Even though you should be mindful of the number of goods that you take with you on your move, you should not ignore the need to make your new room as comfortable as possible. Many students feel down in the first few months after relocation and this can have some negative consequences on your life that you would like to avoid. That is why bringing along some objects that are going to make your place feel more like home is vital – those can be items with sentimental value that you wish not to part with.

Do not forget the cooking utensils as well. It is not said that you should become a Gordon Ramsey type of figure at your dorm, but having utensils to cook in will come in much handy in case you cannot afford eating out at some point.

A PlayStation, guitar, board games or some other entertainment are a must. Those will keep you entertained between studying sessions and you also help you make some friends in the first weeks. It is always good to have people with similar tastes and interests around you, especially when you have just moved out of your home.