Single Woman’s Guide to Safely Moving to a New City

The notion that women are inferior to men no longer applies in the times in which we are currently living. The female part of the world’s population has managed to prove that they are more than capable of juggling a career and a family. Also, being a single woman is no longer viewed as a failure. Instead, it is celebrated by all the independent ladies out there. So, if you are a single woman who is getting ready to move to a different city, you go and do your thing, girl! However, do not forget that women continue to be a top target for many criminals. Therefore, taking care of your safety is important and it will help you start your life at your new place in a risk-free and laid-back manner. All you need to do is to:

  • Move to a district with a low crime rate
  • Change all the locks
  • Have a home security system installed
  • Avoid oversharing personal information about yourself
  • Book qualified moving experts

In fact, these are all tips that need to be followed by anyone who is planning to move to a new city alone.

Choose a safe neighbourhood

When you start to pick your new neighbourhood, do not focus only on things such as access to amenities, public transport links and property prices. Pay attention to the local crime rates too. Visit the official website of the city or the district (if there is one). There, one can usually find valuable statistics, including such on crimes. Search the web for crime-related news concerning your area of choice or simply ask locals if they find the place safe. Also, choose districts that are family-friendly. You may enjoy living as a single woman but a district that is a magnet to families with kids is guaranteed to be safe.

Change your door locks

Even if the previous owner of your new home gives you all the spare keys to the property, change all the door locks. It is also a good idea to install locks on your windows to prevent burglars from breaking into your house.

Get a home security system

Smart home security systems are quite affordable and easy-to-install these days. Invest in one so that you can keep an eye on your home even when you are not there.

Don’t be quick to overshare with strangers

If you have moved to a city in which you do not know a lot of people, you will probably try to make new friends. Still, be careful when you meet someone new and do not overshare with them. Don’t be quick to tell them that you are living all by yourself.

Hire trained movers to help you out

Even if you are not bringing heaps of boxes and furniture with you, it will still be a good idea to use the services of a registered removals company. Such businesses can help you more than one ways because they can also provide you with reliable storage in London, furniture assembly and more.