Selling Your Home: Why Decluttering Is Key

Moving out and putting your home on the market is not an easy decision. However, no matter how emotional this process might be, the decision is made and your task is to find a buyer as soon as possible. Before you start with planning your move and discussing details with an experienced man and van in Tower Hill EC3, you have to prepare for the showing, paying attention to small things that make a difference, like decluttering your house and getting rid of junk. For example, small items on the kitchen counters or the nightstand might not seem to you like a big deal but potential buyers cannot envision themselves in that space with your personal belongings and clutter all over the house. Therefore, declutter all the rooms and increase the chances of a quicker sale. Here’s what rooms to focus on.

Tackle the living room

The living room is usually a focus of the entire house. It is where we spend most of our time, relaxing after a long day. This also means that it is the main area in which we accumulate stuff. There are normally:

  • Stacks of magazines by the sofa
  • Remotes and books on the coffee table
  • Toys on the floor
  • Miscellaneous items on the shelf

It is the most-lived room that requires a proper decluttering. Otherwise, your clutter and personal belongings will continue to keep your house from selling as potential buyers will have a hard time to picture themselves getting comfortable in the room. After you declutter, you can add fresh flowers or scented candles to fill in the gaps and make the room more welcoming.

Cut clutter in the kitchen

There is always something going on in the kitchen so it is pretty hard to keep it clear, especially the counters. There are appliances, snacks, serving dishes and others. But, this all has to go when you are expecting the buyers. Make sure kitchen counters are almost completely empty. You can leave a fruit bowl or flowers. Additionally, get rid of odours by giving it a thorough clean-up. You can make the most of a comprehensive junk collection and disposal in London and have the pros help you get rid of the junk.

Have a clutter-free bedroom

Clearing your bedroom might be a bit tricky. Potential buyers will probably check out the closets so you need to prepare for this. Fold your clothes neatly, have a little hiding spot for personal items, clear the mess on the nightstand and think about packing some items away. You will have to do it later, anyway. Perhaps you can sort out your clothes before the showing and get rid of all unwanted clothes, bedding and similar stuff. You are going to do it anyway before packing so this is an ideal opportunity to be ready for the buyers and speed up the packing time. You can donate clothes to charity. Also, it’s important that your bedding looks fresh and neat. Does it all match?

Don’t forget your bathroom

Is your bathroom cabinet a cluttered mess? If your answer is yes, then you know what to do. Decluttering your bathroom won’t take long. Potential buyers will open the cabinets so you have to get rid of extra products, lotions and shampoo bottles that are almost empty, expired makeup and all other products you probably won’t need or use in the future.