How to Safely Move a Safe


There are some items that can be a real pain to move during a home relocation. Those include pianos, aquariums, wardrobes and… safes. If you have a personal safe in your house, you certainly don’t look forward to the day when you have to deal with its moving. But sooner or later that time will come and when this happens, it is better to be prepared. Of course, you may decide not to take the safe with you when you move out. However, if you have some valuable possessions or important documents that you don’t want to end up in the hands of burglars, you should not leave it behind. Even if you are heading to a very quiet area, like Redbridge’s Snareswood E11 or South Woodford E18, you should not forget that such places are usually located close to affluent districts which are a magnet for professional home burglars. In this particular case, we are referring to Wanstead E11 and Woodford E18.

To move your safe, you will need:

  • Help
  • Moving equipment
  • Knowledge on the characteristics of the safe

Time to get to know your safe

Even if you decide to use the services of experienced movers, you will still need to know the dimensions and weight of the safe. That will help the removal company you have hired to show up to your place better prepared and equipped. The same goes if you are planning to organise the move without the help of professionals.

Get help

SafeSpeaking of help, do not assume that you will be able to deal with an entire safe all by yourself. Even the smallest models are heavy. Otherwise, burglars would be able to easily snatch them out of your home. Make sure you get more than two people to assist you. Also, if the save is over 200 pounds, just let the movers step in and do their job. Moving such massive items can easily lead to a bad injury if you lack professional experience.

Be properly equipped

Don’t forget to invest in some sturdy moving equipment. You will need straps, moving dollies and trollies. Remember, however, that all of them need to be heavy-duty. You can rent all of these things from a moving firm at a very bearable price.

How to prepare the safe for the move

You may not like this suggestion, but it is best if you empty the safe before you try to move it. That is a must if you use it to store heavy items. This will effectively reduce some of your load. But even if you only keep jewellery in it, you may still want to take it out. After all, the moving process can be quite bumpy and that ca easily damage the possessions stored in the safe. The next step would be to attach straps to it. That will give you a better grip when you need to push and lift it. Place the safe over a large four-wheeled dolly. In that way, you will be able to easily drag it without scratching your floor.

Finally, move the save very slowly and if you need to take up or down the stairs, you should hire a vetted domestic removal company.