Overlooked Risks of a Poorly Planned House Move

Have you ever wondered why numerous moving blogs and websites urge people to start planning their home relocation several months in advance? That can help you land a bargain moving deal but it is certainly not the only reason why you should dedicate a considerable amount of time to the planning and preparation stage of your domestic removal. Your biggest motivation behind it should be all the things that may go wrong if you fail to thoroughly think through every step of your relocation. Some of the most commonly overlooked risks of a poorly planned house move may result in:

  • You losing your job
  • Your items being damaged, lost or even stolen
  • Straining your relationship with your family and friends
  • Angry new neighbours

All of that may sound a bit too far-fetched to you right now but by the time you finish reading this post, you are guaranteed to view things from a different perspective.

It may get you fired

How much time do you think you will need to pack your entire home? A couple of hours? A day? Think again! Many people underestimate the time factor when they organise a house move. Plus, there is always a risk of delays as unexpected setbacks and that will be the only constant during your relocation. As a consequence, you may be forced to take several days off or get late for work almost every morning. If you want to keep your job, either opt for all-around house removals in London or start tackling your move as early as possible.

Your items may be stolen, lost or broken

Make sure you buy quality packing supplies and that you buy enough of them to prep all of your possessions and furniture for the road. If you do not carefully pack your items, they will get scratched or even broken beyond repair. Then there is a risk of getting them stolen or lost. To prevent that from happening, do not try to move all by yourself. Find someone to give you a hand. An extra pair of hands and eyes will make your relocation much safer. Insurance coverage is also a must, especially if you own a lot of fragile and valuable items.

Relationships may suffer

The more poorly planned your move is the more strained your relationship with your friends and family is likely to get during that period. You will be under a lot of pressure which will not make you pleasant company for those around you. Also, if you need to ask your nears and dears to help you with the packing, for instance, ask them politely. Do not force them to assist you and understand them if they say “no.” They too have a life and responsibilities to take care of. You can always hire a skilled man with a van in Limehouse E14, for example, and solve that problem.

New neighbours may turn against you from the start

One of the most common reasons why people move home is because they do not like their neighbours. There is no guarantee, however, that if you relocate to a different area, you will find the neighbours of your dreams. Even if you are lucky enough to live next door to people who are likable, nice and who share your interests and passions, things may take a turn for the worse from the very beginning if you make too much noise during the moving process or if you block the entire street with a large truck on your moving day. To avoid any conflict with your new neighbours, give them a heads up and surprise them with some freshly baked biscuits, for instance, to compensate for the inconvenience you have caused.