Office Relocation: How to Keep Employees Engaged

Relocating offices is not an unusual occurrence when running a business. Moving office can happen for several reasons, such as downsizing, expansion, getting closer to end customers, etc. Whatever the reason for your business removal, apart from focusing on hiring certified office removals in London, you should also focus on your employees. It is vital that you have an open communication with them and keep them informed during this process. You need to be aware of the fact that this experience affects them too and their input about the move is of major importance for having a successful and stress-free moving experience.

Transportation changes

Removal will likely mean a change in commute for some of your employees. Your business relocation might entail these changes so make sure you take this into consideration. Check which employees will be affected by the move and will need to commute significantly farther. Also make sure you talk this through with them and let them know their options. If you can offer some incentives, do it. You can:

  • Help out with transit fees
  • Allow them to have a more flexible schedule
  • Assign an adequate role with the company

If not, you should provide your staff with the information far in advance of relocation, allowing them to decide whether they will choose to explore their employment options.

Two-way communication

It’s important that you have an open communication with your employees during an office removal. Keeping them informed will keep the hearsay to the minimum. Also, you should give your employees an opportunity to ask questions and give them enough time to reflect about new changes and make the right decisions. You have to understand that telling your employees what their roles will be and what you expect from them is even more important than hiring the most experienced man and van in Westminster SW1, for example.

Employees input

Your employees are the best consultants when it comes to improving workflow. They will provide you with the best tips for increasing efficiency at new workplace and creating an enhanced overall working environment. Discuss about the things regarding the current office that might be improved in the new space, including the amount of desk space in each office, location of the copy room, and other. They have to be given a chance to make decisions for the maximum team support and input. This is also vital for keeping the morale high during these challenging times.

Ways to communicate

The best way to update all information, messages and files that will reach all employees is through an intranet. If your company doesn’t have this platform, you can make announcements on staff meetings. These in-person meetings allow discussions so they are convenient for two-way communication and exchanging ideas and suggestions on finding a renowned man with a van in Chelsea SW3, for example. And finally, you can use a bulletin board to post any relevant information and updates. It enables employees to gather and discuss the news and their concerns.