Make The First Day in Your New Home a Positive One

A home move is typically followed by a period of adjustment and that is something quite normal. In fact, researchers have found that it takes exactly 17 months and 12 days for a person to settle in their new house or flat and to start feeling at home. That is almost a year and a half – a really long time. But you can speed up your adjustment period by:

  • Moving into a home that does not need major renovation
  • Reminding the previous owners to redirect their mail
  • Making an effort to become friends with your new neighbours
  • Hosting several parties at your home soon after you move in

Another thing you can do is to start your life in your new house on the right foot. If you truly enjoy your first day in your home, you will be able to quickly become comfortable in it. But to be successful at that, you will need to make some early preparations.

Pack an essentials box or bag

Things like toothbrushes, towels, cutlery, plates and bedsheets can all be categorised as essentials. That is because you will need to use them from Day 1. So, you should pack them together in a separate bag or box. By doing so, you will be able to have quick access to them instead of spending hours opening boxes at random in an attempt to locate them.

But don’t pack clutter

Prior to your move, go through all of your possessions and if you find any clutter, rely on an effective junk collection and disposal service in London to get rid of it. That will help you move and unpack quickly – two things that will make the experience and the first day in the new house less stressful.

Practice the art of strategical unpacking

Hopefully, you have taken the time to label all of your moving boxes and you have packed them by room. Now, that everything has been moved to your new property, you can start unpacking it. Do not try to complete that task on Day 1 but do not postpone its start. By arranging your stuff in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, you will instantly feel more at home. Leave the rest of the rooms for later and focus on these three areas when you unpack your items.

Eat out

Book a table at a nice restaurant in your new neighbourhood a treat yourself to a special dinner. Take-out food is also an option but eating out is more enjoyable. Also, it will give you the chance to explore your new area a bit.

Use all-around moving services

If you can afford it, hire a qualified man and van in East Barnet EN4 or some other part of the city. Using professional assistance that offers all the extras (packing, loading, etc.) will allow you to wrap up the moving process early in the day, leaving you plenty of time to do some unpacking, neighbourhood exploring and furniture arranging all on the first day in the new home.