Key Factors to Consider When Hunting for an Apartment

The United Kingdom is a country obsessed with house living. Latest surveys show that under 15% of the country’s entire population resides in apartments. This is the lowest such percentage for Europe which makes this housing trend even more interesting. But while houses may offer more privacy and space to homeowners and tenants, flats tend to be cheaper, easier to maintain and easier to find (since the majority of Brits seeks to move into a house). Still, it goes without saying that not every apartment is a good choice. If you have started to hunt for a flat, rental or not, you will need to take into consideration the next few questions:

  • Does it need any considerable repairs?
  • Can you afford to cover its maintenance expenses?
  • Will you be able to customise the flat (its structure, layout, etc.)?
  • Will you have enough storage options?
  • Are the apartment and the apartment building easily accessible?
  • What do you think of the neighbourhood?

Your choice of a new home has to depend on the answers to each of these questions. Complete that questionnaire to see if your flat of choice really matches your needs, financial abilities and lifestyle.

Need for repairs

Finding a move-in flat in London may not be difficult but finding one that will not require any repairs whatsoever is not. In almost every case, there is something that needs to be fixed or tweaked such as repainting the walls, installing a new shower or replacing some of the furniture pieces. Most home seekers, however, do not mind such minor repair projects since they offer them the perfect opportunity to personalise their new apartment. However, if we are talking about a significant home renovation that will require demolition works, pipe replacement and other major changes and repairs, you will need to be financially and mentally prepared for that.

Maintenance costs

Having a kitchen equipped with premium-quality, high-tech appliances is great but maintaining these appliances can quickly burn a hole even into the deeper of pockets. Therefore, ask yourself do you really need such a fancy kitchen or a sauna-equipped bathroom, for example. Maybe you will benefit more if you spend a few extra pounds on hiring a fully trained man and van in Eden Park BR3, for instance.

Storage options

Not all apartments come with a large walk-in closet or a spacious pantry. But it is always a plus when they do or if, at the very least, offer enough space which can be at some point utilised for storage.

Accessibility to the flat and the building

Having easy access to your apartment and the apartment building in which it is set is a must. So, if there is no lift, well-maintained pathways leading up to the building or convenient parking options nearby, know that this may turn into a problem later on.

The neighbourhood

You feel like you have finally found the right flat for you and the only thing left for you to do is to find organised furniture removals in London and to move in. Not so fast! What about the neighbourhood in which the apartment is set? Will you be able to enjoy an easy and quick commute to work from it? Does it offer good shops and amenities nearby? Explore the area before you commit to any property located on its territory. Before you fall in love with the flat, you need to fall in love with its neighbourhood.