How to Make Use of Car Space When Moving House

When moving house, people usually hire professional movers to make sure their valuable belongings arrive safely at their new address. Even if you hire the most dependable man and man and van in Mayfair W1, for example, you can also pack some items in your car, especially if you are moving long distance. We bring you a few smart tricks on how to pack as many items as possible in your car while making sure your passengers are comfortable and safe during this challenging journey.

Declutter and sort out your belongings

The first step of any removal, whether local or long-distance, is to declutter and get rid of items that are no longer functional or useful. You will see how important this first step is after you start packing or after your estimate is presented to you (the more items you move, the more expensive it is). You can hire top-notch furniture collection services in London to take care of your furniture but there are some items you don’t want movers to transport like important documents or electronics because they are valuable, heavy and can cost a lot to move.

Use bags instead of boxes for packing

It would be ideal to use vacuum bags to pack clothes, bedding and other soft items that take a lot of room. These are pretty cheap and they can shrink large items down to a small size, making more room in your car for other stuff. On the other hand, if you use large boxes or luggage, you will end up with a lot of unused space as they will not conform to the shape of your space. In addition to vacuum bags, you can also use:

  • Small cardboard boxes – if you have some items that need to be protected, you can place them in small boxes. Smaller boxes can be fit in different corners of your car, without being in the way all the time.
  • Garbage bags – if you have a tight moving budget, instead of buying vacuum bags you use ordinary garbage bags to pack some of your possessions. They can easily fit under the seat or in corners of your trunk.

How to use the outside space of your car?

This one’s easy: overhead carriers. If you are moving or travelling a lot, this investment is worth every penny. You can store a pretty large amount of your belongings inside them, having peace of mind that your possessions are safe at all times and protected from poor weather conditions.

Use the hidden spaces in your car

You would be surprised by the many hidden spaces you can find in your car. For example, the space under the front seats can be used for storing snacks and drinks or other things you might need during your journey. The area around the spare tire can also provide decent storage space, as well as the back of the hatch. Just make sure your items are properly protected and wrapped and that the passengers feel comfortable during the ride.