How to Get Comfortable in a Temporary Living Space

Moving process is anything but seamless. Yes, things can go smooth and easy, especially if you’re moving with the assistance of a licensed man and van in West Norwood SE27, but there are instances when it gets messy and complicated. For example, your old home is sold and your new place isn’t ready yet. So, the only option for you might be a temporary living space. This is not what you have planned but you have to make the best of this situation and try to make your stay as pleasant as possible, which can be easily done if you follow our genius tips. Make your temporary accommodation feel like home.

Removable décor can work wonders

So you have moved into a temporary living space and the décor isn’t after your own heart. You don’t have to live with it even though you are planning to stay there for a short period of time. What you can do is use removable décor, skipping the oversized decor pieces because they will make the moving day even more challenging. You can add:

  • Pictures
  • Memorabilia
  • Lamps
  • A vase
  • Plants

You can bring a few items you’re planning to put in your permanent home. Small items will make a space feel like home, and like you.

Organise your clothes

A temporary living space can make you feel like a guest, whether you are “between homes”, travelling, or you are a student that has just moved with the help of the best student removals in London. Things can get worse when living out of a disorganised suitcase and searching through boxes just to find a wrinkled clothing item. In order to avoid frustration, keep your clothes organised and only bring the pieces you wear the most. Put the rest in a storage unit. Having fewer clothes might not be perfect but at least you can hang them up neatly and avoid wrinkling.

Personalise it

Even though your temporary living space doesn’t look like your home, it can feel like home. You can make it more comfortable and add personality by adding a few familiar items like photographs and artwork that will reinforce pleasant memories. You can also bring your favourite blanket, a few pillows or a scented candle. Familiar scent will help you adjust and make the space less strange. Adding plants always warms up a space and makes it feel more familiar.

Consider the furnishings

Most of temporary living spaces come furnished, but in case yours doesn’t, get temporary furniture instead of risking damage to your favourite pieces you are planning to move to your permanent home. Even though you think you will feel more comfy with your furniture around, make sure you store them and keep them stay scratch-free. Remember, this is only a temporary situation and you will do more harm than good by moving bulky and heavy sofas around. You can easily find cheap used pieces like a coffee table or a couch online on Freecycle or Craigslist that will serve its purpose. You can sell it later or reuse it.