Exploring the Pretty London Borough of Ealing

St. Mary’s Church, South Ealing

The London Borough of Ealing is situated in the western part of the English capital and it is the third most heavily populated borough in the city. It is estimated that there are more than 343,000 people living on its territory. Given that Ealing is one of the most attractive places in London, that fact is really not so hard to understand. Locals have access to excellent restaurants and many green parks. In addition to that, there are great transport links to central London.

Incredibly beautiful and interesting

Ealing is famous for being among London’s most beautiful boroughs. This certainly has a lot to do with the fact that a considerable part of it is located within the Metropolitan Green Belt. That has successfully contributed to the great abundance of open green spaces and parks in Ealing. This London Borough also has two garden suburbs – Brentham Garden Suburb and Bedford Park W4. The latter of them is often referred to as “the world’s very first garden suburb.” In the past, W4 used to be a very desirable area since it had its own stores, a church, a pub, a hall and a school. However, as London continued to grow, this trendy suburban development lost some of its charm. Most of the area’s territory is taken by Bedford Park conservation area.

St. Mary’s Church, South EalingApart from pretty, the London Borough of Ealing is quite interesting. Many of the areas in it have something really special about them. The suburban district of Ealing W5, W13, which is also the borough’s administrative centre, is nicknamed “Queen of the Suburbs.” That is because in the early 1900s it was one of the few spots near London that was well maintained and had good transport links to the UK capital. Even today, the area has not lost its nickname since it continues to be one step ahead of its neighbours and it is also home to many impressively big houses. Another interesting fact about the district of Ealing is that it has the oldest film studios in the world. Many great productions were created namely there. Among them are the hit film Notting Hill and TV shows like Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Dr Who. Strangely enough, there are no cinemas in Ealing.

Hanwell is yet another great area in the borough. It is London post town’s westernmost part and every year it hosts one of the biggest carnivals in the English capital. The event is called The Hanwell Carnival. It has a history of nearly 120 years and it is held every June. Only the Notting Hill Carnival attracts more people that the one in Hanwell. The area is also known for having countless landmarks and attractions. Some of the most popular of them are:

  • Grade II listed building of St Thomas the Apostle
  • Hanwell Clock Tower
  • Mary’s Church
  • The Wharncliffe Viaduct
  • Elthorne Park

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A rising popularity and a mix of cultures

Priory AvenueNot all of the areas in the Borough of Ealing started off as fashionable spots. During most of its existence, West Ealing has always struggled to compete with its big brothers Ealing and Hanwell. Today, however, it has finally started to receive some recognition. Thanks to its peaceful streets, green spaces and its good selection of shops, the area has become particularly attractive for young families. The West Ealing station connects the district to the city centre and the upcoming construction of the Crossrail route means that it will soon become a more desirable spot. Therefore, if you and your family are looking to relocate to the area, you should quickly hire an experienced man with a van in West Ealing W13 before prices jump.

Just like West Ealing, not long ago Acton also failed to impress. Luckily, it underwent a massive regeneration process which greatly refreshed the district. Together with Harrow, Acton W3, W4 is the only place in the country that has seven stations named after it. The district is also very ethnically diverse as it is home to big Polish, Irish and Somali communities. A Japanese school and a number of Australian pubs can also be seen in Acton.