Best colleges in London

Royal Holloway, University of London

London is home to some of the finest universities in not only the United Kingdom and Europe, but also the world. Every year, thousands of students from all over the globe come to the British capital in order to obtain top tier education, which will give them better professional opportunities. Here are some of the finest colleges in London.

University College London (UCL)

Established in 1826 as London University, UCL is presently considered the best college in the English capital. It is a public research university and has the third largest enrolment in the United Kingdom. Currently, it provides top quality education to a student body of about 38.300. Throughout the years, University College London has had numerous notable alumni and academics, including 29 Nobel Prize winners

Imperial College London

Founded by Prince Albert, the Imperial College London received its Royal Charter in 1907. Since then it has become one of the most acclaimed and renowned colleges throughout the world. It lies in close proximity to a number of prominent local landmarks such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Albert Hall and the Natural History Museum. It has over 17.000 students (c. 9.200 undergraduates and c. 7.800 postgraduates). The university accentuates on innovative technology sciences and is named presently the most inventive higher education facility in Europe.

London School of Economics

Officially known as the London School of Economics and Political Science, this university was established in 1895 and is located in the City of Westminster. It has an estimate of 10.500 students and an academic staff of over 1.600. During the years, the college has produced numerous notable alumni such as:

  • Clement Attlee (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)
  • Pierre Trudeau (former Prime Minister of Canada)
  • Kamisese Mara (Founding father of Fiji)
  • Lee Kuan Yew (former Prime Minister of Singapore)
  • Óscar Arias Sanchez (former President of Costa Rica and 1897 Nobel Peace Prize laureate)
  • Tsai Ing-wen (current President of the Republic of China)

Royal Holloway, University of London

Royal Holloway, University of LondonShortly known as RHUL, this highly acclaimed public research university and constituent college was founded in 1849 as Bedford College. It was renamed to its current name, three decades later. RHUL has a student body of a little less than 10.000 (c. 7.500 undergraduates and c. 2.500 postgraduates). Every year, new students from all over Britain and the globe enrol at the university in order to receive top quality higher education. Most of them move to their dorm rooms by using the cost effective London student removal services of Beuser Group.

City, University of London

The City, University of London dates back to the mid-19th century. Its main campus is situated in the district of Islington while additional university grounds are located in the area of Holborn, Smithfield and Whitechapel. The college is divided into seven schools, which are separated into 40 academic departments and educational centres. The City, University of London has at this moment approximately 19.000 students and its current president is geographer, Sir Paul James Curran.