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Posted by Oliver Hopton on the think broadband site, and reproduced here with his permission.

First you need to configure wake-on-lan on your pc. If you want to be able to wake the PC when it is completely turned off, this will require changing a setting for the Network Adaptor in the BIOS - if there are options, go for "Magic Packet". If you only need to wake from standby under Windows, go to the device manager and right click on your network adaptor, then go to the advanced tab. I have a couple of settings in here "Wake from Shutdown" which is "on" and "Wake Up Capabilities" which is set to "Magic Packet".

Note that if you configure Wake-on-LAN on a laptop's BIOS, then when you turn the laptop off you'll find it isn't completely off and the battery will be discharging.

Once you've done this you should be able to turn your computer off, or put your computer into S3 standby, and then wake it up using this program on another local machine: this will only work from within your local network and only for a few minutes after you put the machine into standby but if it doesn't work then your machine is not correctly configured.

Now you need to make a few configuration changes to your router. You'll need to make sure your machine has a fixed IP, it's OK to use DHCP as long as you've made sure your machine is always given the same IP. You then need to add a new Game or Application to your Speedtouch, port range 7-7 called WOL or something, then assign this to your machine.

Once you've done this you should be able to wake your pc up from off, or S3 standby, using this program from another machine but again only for a few minutes after you put the machine into standby. If you can't get the machine to wake up then now is the time to install WireShark and see if the magic packets are getting to your PC.

Once you've got that going then you need to add a static entry to the ARP table on your Speedtouch, this will stop WoL from failing a few minutes after your machine goes to sleep. To do this, do the following:

1.) Telnet to your speedtouch, (or wherever it lives) and login with your normal username and password.

2.) Type ip.

3.) Type arplist, this should print out your routers current arp table which should contain an entry for your machine.You need to delete this dynamic entry and add a static one so you need to take a note of the Interface, IP-Address and Mac-Address of your machine.

4.) Type arpdelete, enter "LocalNetwork" for intf, your machine's ip for ip and your machine's mac address for [hwaddr].

5.) Type arpadd and enter the same parameters above. If you get the following error:
Failed to add ARP entry....

This is because the router or machine arp broadcast within the time of removing the dynamic entry and attempting to add the static entry.
Re-run the delete and then add commands but in very quick succession. EG:
{Administrator}[ip]=>:ip arpdelete intf=LocalNetwork ip=
{Administrator}[ip]=>:ip arpadd intf=LocalNetwork ip= hwaddr=00:24:e8:25:72:f3

Alternatively, turn the target computer off and telnet to the router from a different machine. This will ensure the it's possible to delete the target computer's entry from the arplist. It's even possible to use Mocha Telnet Lite from an iphone or ipad.

6.) Type arplist again, your machine should be back in the table but the entry in the type column should now read static instead of dynamic.

That's it, you should be good to go.

On Linux machines, programs such as "etherwake" and "wakeonlan" exist to send WoL packets. "etherwake" will only send to machines on the same LAN and has to be run as root, "wakeonlan" can be used by any user to send to any host.

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