Winter Moving Tips You Will Find Useful

Moving home is often tough, but doing it in the middle of the harsh winter months can pose problems that few lacking the necessary skills and experience may anticipate. Here we will try to help you out with figuring your next step if you absolutely have to move during winter. Following the tips and steps described below can yield some pretty beneficial results.

The strategies that we are presenting to you have been tested numerous times in the field by leading man and van experts in Merton Park SW19 and are guaranteed to work.

Stay in touch with your movers

Having in mind that you are dealing with a relatively delicate situation, you should make sure that you have good communication with the moving firm you have hired. Your movers can provide you with irreplaceable tips and tricks for dealing with the challenges of moving house in winter. Do not forget that if there is something bothering you concerning the planning and preparation for your project, you should always be able to reach the contractor you are paying and have them assist you in any way they can.

Be flexible

Have in mind that the weather during the coldest months of the year can be pretty unpredictable. One day it might be sunny and relatively warm and have a snow-storm hit just a few hours later. Keep an eye on the forecast. If it says that you are in for some rough weather on the day that you have pinpointed as your moving date, you should be ready to reschedule – it is much better than going through all the trouble of moving and risk incidents. Discuss the possibility of flexibility of the schedule with your movers.

Reduce the number of boxes

The general rule is that the fewer boxes you have packed, the less time and manpower you are going to need in order to complete your domestic relocation. It will also make your winter move easier and much cheaper because you may even be able to use a trusted small removal service in London rather than a full-house moving solution. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Do a house clearance prior to your moving date
  • Get rid of a considerable portion of your private library – books you do not plan or reading or reading can be sold online or donated to a local school
  • Get rid of all clothes that no longer fit you; the same goes for outdated appliances, broken down furniture etc.

Have a spare route

Road conditions in winter can be pretty problematic. Sometimes the shortest route is not the quickest. Make sure that you are informed about the situation on the road in the morning of your removal. If there is heavier traffic or even a jam, you might want to re-route your removal so that you and your goods safely reach the desired destination. Your house removal team should be acquainted with the possibility to use an alternative route, but it will not hurt you to discuss this issue with them in advance – just to be on the safe side.