Items which you can move without disassembling

There is no doubt that today’s UK man and van companies will give you plenty of flexibility as you hire them. These people spend a lot of time training their workers and the most trusted London van hire organisations will know how to handle any delivery. That shouldn’t stop you from being prepared, however. Clients must know that many of their objects can actually be taken apart prior to a relocation but others shouldn’t or simply cannot be disassembled before being loaded up onto vans or lorries.

We will give you a few examples regarding objects which might give you a deceiving impression that they need to be taken apart during a removal. After you have selected the most convenient Chiswick man and van company, call them and ask them whether the items you want delivered will need to be disassembled. The best van rental firms will have outstanding customer support and they will definitely provide you with some excellent consulting. Your Hounslow delivery might turn out to be easier than you think if you manage to hire the right company.

Some of home pieces of furniture can be easily lifted

Chairs and tableTake for example your cabinets. Two or more helpers can lift a cabinet easily without the need to disassemble it and waste time. Mirrors and tables are also typically moved easily if they can fit through the door. Most low quality companies might try to trick you into disassembling such or similar pieces so that they can get more billable hours. We will not even bother mentioning electronics, chairs or utensils as they are obviously small enough to fit in bags, boxes or simply the back of the van you have hired.

Your trustworthy Gunnersbury man and van company might even be able to help you move specialised machinery and equipment without disassembling. At some point if an object can fit in the back of a Luton van you should simply have it transported as is. This is because most complex items are really hard to take apart and then put back together. As long as the company can guarantee the integrity of the object by packing it or insuring then you should be fine. It will take too much time for the whole ordeal to take place and it doesn’t sound very optimised at all.

And on a finishing note

Lastly there are these huge objects which are too big for a van but still impossible to take apart. If you want to have a car delivered, there are specialised companies ready to help you. These organisations have big lorries and by them they can easily lift and deliver huge items. The only question comes when we talk about loading the actual item onto the lorry. If the van rental company has the required equipment or manpower to lift it and put in in the bed or into the cargo box then everything is fine.