How to Organise When Moving Sensitive Equipment

Every removal is different and unique because people and businesses move different items and goods, where a universal guide simply does not work. One of those types of removals is moving sensitive equipment, like electronics. Every piece needs to be handled, moved and reassembled with utmost care. This is when you need the help of experts and their supervision in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Hiring a certified and experienced man and van in London that will ensure that all sensitive and special equipment arrives at your new address intact is always recommended.

What actually is sensitive equipment?

When moving house or office, you will plan how to pack, move, load and install your items in a risk-free way. But there are some goods that require special care because they are usually of a higher value. These sensitive items include:

  • IT equipment (computers, servers, data centres, laptops, monitors, etc.)
  • copy machines; printers; scanners
  • medical and lab equipment
  • electrical equipment
  • photography and cinematography equipment
  • art pieces (sculptures, paintings, antiques, etc.)
  • industrial and commercial heavy equipment
  • store fixtures
  • safes and ATM’s, etc.

This list is made up of only a few examples. Whether you are planning to move any of the above-mentioned items locally or long-distance, you need to carefully plan how to prepare your sensitive equipment for transportation.

Early preparations

You need at least a couple of months to organise and prepare your sensitive equipment of high value for transportation. Waiting until the last minute is an ideal recipe for failure, so don’t think you have enough time. As soon as you start making plans on how to relocate your items, the better.

Hire professional movers

Moving sensitive equipment on your own is not recommended. You will need expert help of skilled and highly experienced movers who have expertise and skills to move large, awkward, fragile and other sensitive items. You need the best man and van services in Shadwell E1, for example, to have peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands.

Make an informed decision when hiring movers

It is crucial that you understand what transporting sensitive equipment requires. That’s why it is important that you ask the right questions to avoid unexpected situations, like receiving high bills. Since moving sensitive equipment requires special packaging to avoid risks of damaging the goods during handling, loading and transporting, you will probably need to spend more money on packing supplies. Ask your mover if they will charge special crates extra. Also, ask if there are any other possible costs that could be charged extra. Make sure you know what services you need and want when relocating your sensitive equipment. Do you want a reassembling service or climate-controlled storage? It is essential that you receive a free quote after an on-site estimate so that movers know exactly what they will be moving.

Remember, not hiring professionals to move your sensitive equipment is risky. Not only you can be injured due to a lack of experience, but you can also damage your goods. Also, since moving such items is a time-consuming task, you don’t want to run out of time and miss the move-out date.