Guide on Prepping Golf Clubs for a Move

Even if you are not a professional golf player, you have probably spent a small fortune on your golf clubs. That is because, similar to tennis and equestrian sports, golf is not a cheap sport to play even if you do it only for fun. Therefore, if you own golf clubs and you are getting ready for a domestic relocation, chances are that your sports equipment ranks among your most valuable possessions. That is why you need to be very careful about the way you pack, handle and transport your golf clubs. A few important rules you should follow when prepping your golf equipment for a move is to use:

  • Special cases
  • Additional accessories
  • Expert assistance
  • Insurance services

When you hire a trustworthy man with a van in Seven Sisters N15 or in some other London area, book a moving vehicle that is equipped with features such as belts and moving straps to ensure that your clubs are safely transported to your new home.

Go with a case and not a cardboard box

It is a must to use effective packing services in London when you are preparing for a house relocation. However, you do not need to pack your golf clubs in a cardboard box. Instead, it is better if you put them in a special case. Here you have two options – a soft and a hard case. The hard case offers a better protection but it is considerably heavier than the softer one. That may be a problem if you are planning a long-distance move that involves transporting some of your items with a plane.

Make a few snaps

Even if you decide to hire a well-trained man and van in Custom House E16 who is fully insured, highly experienced and properly equipped, you will still need to insure your golf clubs since they are often classified as valuable goods. Some moving companies offer special removals and Goods in Transit insurance coverage options of which you can take advantage. Make sure you take photos of your clubs. In that way, you can ensure that you are adequately reimbursed in case something happens to them.

Protect the heads

If you are using adjustable clubs, take off their heads and pack them separately. In any other case, use headcovers. They are easy to put and they will keep that part of your golf equipment safe.

Use a stiff arm

Buy a stiff arm for some extra protection. This type of equipment can fit into a wide range of cases including in travel bags. Its purpose is to protect the golf clubs and to absorb the force from a fall or a bumpy ride, for example.

Limit any movement

Do not allow your golf clubs to wiggle and move in the bag. Use clothes, socks, bubble wrap or packing paper to fill up all the free space in your travel case. In that way, the clubs will not get in contact with one another when they are being transported or, in other words, they will be less likely to get scratched during your home move.