Enfield – A Busy Place That is Worthy of Your Time

With a population of nearly 330,000 people, Enfield is the fourth most populated borough in the English capital. That and the fact that it has been going through a major rejuvenation over the past few years, make it seem like a very busy and lively place. Still, this part of north London is successfully mixing the modern with the old as many of its centuries-old historic buildings continue to decorate its skyline.

North London’s multicultural hub

In the early 20th century, the population of Enfield mainly consisted of representatives of the country’s white working class. That, however, started to change during the first big wave of commonwealth immigration during the 1960s. This tendency made a comeback during the new millennium when the European Union saw a rapid expansion. One of the most ethnically diverse areas in the borough is Palmers Green. This district is often called Palmers Greek and Little Cyprus because it has the largest rate of the Cypriot population outside of Cyprus. Also, Palmers Green has its very own Turkish market where locals can buy a great selection of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Southgate is even more diverse than Edmonton and Palmers Green put together. That is because this suburban area is home to a considerable Jewish community ever since the 20th century. Along with that, there are many people from Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and even from Japan. That, of course, greatly influences the menus in local restaurants. Still, if you are a fan of Mediterranean or Indian cuisine, you will certainly appreciate the food in Southgate.

A metropolitan borough with a small-town charm

St Paul’s Church in Winchmore HillThe Borough of Enfield is rich in good quality amenities and, as it was already noted, it is a bustling spot. Nevertheless, it has a special charm that is only typical of small towns and villages. That is not accidental since the borough has many historic buildings and sites on its territory. Some of the most impressive of them include St Paul’s Church in Winchmore Hill, Edmonton’s All Saints’ Church, as well as the Green Dragon. The latter was constructed during the early 18th century and it is one of the oldest pubs in the borough. Aside from it, however, there many other old public houses in the area. Most of them, however, are located in Southgate since, in the past, the district had a very strategic place and it was surrounded by a number of villages. Even though the majority of the pubs in the area were transformed into restaurants years ago, there are still plenty of nice places where you can grab a pint.

Enfield’s parks and open spaces

Winchmore Hill GreenEnfield is located within the Metropolitan Green Belt which means that it is a very green and leafy borough. It has over 120 open spaces and parks on its territory and some of its districts are even named after public parks or are situated within conservation areas. Arnos Grove, for example, is sitting on the south-west side of the borough and its key attraction is the park of Arnos Grove which spans over 44 acres and it features a putting green, playgrounds, as well as tennis courts.

Winchmore Hill, on the other hand, is set within a conservation area and it even has a green village known as Winchmore Hill Green. Part of Grovelands Park, one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Enfield, is situated in namely in this district. Less than a mile from it is Minchenden Oak which is the biggest oak tree in the country.

Some of the most notable parks and open spaces in the London Borough of Enfield are:

  • Broomfield Park, Palmers Green
  • Pymmes Park, Edmonton
  • Trent Park, Enfield Town
  • Town Park, a country park
  • Grovelands Park, Southgate

The London Borough of Enfield has been enjoying a growing popularity among families since it offers a wealth of good schools, affordable housing and open green spaces. Many people choose to move to Palmers Green since it is like a cheaper version of Muswell Hill and Crouch End. If you have decided to relocate to the same area, you can further reduce your moving costs by relying on a low-cost moving van service in Palmers Green. Edmonton, in comparison, is preferred by first-time buyers who would certainly benefit by hiring an experienced man with a van in Edmonton.