Downsizing Before Moving

If you’re moving to a smaller home and facing a ton of clutter, then you have a tough challenge ahead of you. You need to downsize and get rid of unwanted stuff to save money and make the entire removal process a lot easier and quicker. However, realising that you need to downsize and actually doing something about it are two different things because letting go can be difficult. We bring you the best tips and practices to downsize before removal and how to do it without a hassle. Remember, getting rid of it doesn’t necessarily mean throwing away.

Do you have to replace it?

Let’s test this: if a certain item gets lost, do you have to replace it immediately because you cannot live without it? Use this strategy to downsize and get rid of as many items as possible. You can make a list of items you would replace if you lost them, including family heirlooms and antique and valuable belongings. If the item is something you wouldn’t replace if it was lost, don’t keep it.

One room at a time

Trying to make a list of things to let go won’t be efficient if you sit down and try to remember everything you own. Go through each room, one at a time, and gather items that should be:

  • Recycled
  • Donated
  • Sold
  • Stored, or
  • Thrown into a garbage bin

Don’t forget to declutter your basement and attic as these areas usually serve as a “dumping site”. Also, make sure to have these items cleared out of the house before the most reputable man and van in Peckham SE15 comes to help you pack and move.

How belongings will fit into your new home

When moving to a smaller house, you need to keep in mind that not all your stuff will fit into your new home. Will your furniture fit your new floor plan? Try to visualise and get the expert help if necessary. Removal is a fresh start so try not to cram everything you own into a one-bed apartment.

I will use it sometime in the future…

There are many items in your house that are waiting for you to use them as sometime in the future you will need them, right? Well, that’s unlikely. Ask yourself this: could someone else use it more? If the answer is yes, you know what to do. Consider giving it to someone who really needs it. There are many charities and organisations that will be happy to receive furniture, clothes, appliances and other household items. This is a noble way to downsize before moving with the help of certified small removal services in London. Just make sure the items are clean and in good condition.

Getting more motivation

If you get lost in all those boxes, mess and chaos while preparing for downsizing, ask your friend to help you decide what items are just taking up your space. An objective opinion will help you put your emotions aside and understand that getting rid of some things is the best decision you can possibly make.