What is included in the welcome pack?

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Included :

The rebranded 585v7 as of 120510
The stickers that come with the welcome pack
The BE 585v7 in its box
The 585v7 old branding 23/03/2009
  • A. Your Be Box wireless modem
  • B. Internet cable (CAT5e LAN cable) - 2 meters
  • C. Grey DSL cable (Smaller RJ11 plugs at each end) - 2m
  • D. A couple of filters
  • E. Mains Power adapter
  • F. Safety instructions
  • G. Quick start Guide
  • H. Be Box set-up CD-Rom (despite instructions to the contrary, you do not need to run this before configuring your modem)

Normally... Welcome letters (June 2010):

Welcome Letter p1 Welcome Letter p2
Welcome Letter p3 Welcome Letter p4
Welcome Letter p5

Old Welcome letters (2007):

Welcome Letter p1 Welcome Letter p2
Static IP Customers

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