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The Technicolor Gateway TG582n (also referred to as the 582n or "BE Box v2") is manufactured by Technicolor (formerly Thomson) who describe it as a "Wireless n Multi-User ADSL2+ Gateway".
The BEBox v2 has been sent out to new customers (and those with broken earlier BeBoxes) as of late October 2011. Existing customers are not entitled to a free upgrade unless they have either a 780WL, 716 or a 585v6 BEBox, for which there are no BE templates for use after the network changes.

Download the CD for the 582n here:

Legacy Static IP default ini backup

582n config

Bridge config default backup

Factory default config backup

Product Name: TG582n
Serial Number: CP1120VF0CU
Software Release: 8.4.4.I {8.4.4.J AZ version on box delivered 3-oct-12}
Software Variant: AC {AZ version on box delivered 3-oct-12}
Boot Loader Version: 1.0.1
Product Code: 36899640 {3689964B on box delivered 3-oct-12}
Board Name: DANT-1 (note that most other ISPs in the UK use a different variant of the TG582n with the DANT-T board name. Firmware is not interchangeable between the 2 variants. A&A also use the DANT-1 variant, with firmware which supports IPv6.)


Status Lights

The top of the ADSL modem has six LED status lights:

  • Power
*Green     Solid on  Power on, normal operation
*Green     Blinking  Undocumented but appears to be when writing firmware to flash
*Red       Solid on  Power on, self-test failed, indicating device malfunction
*Amber     Solid on  Bootloader selftest
*Amber     Blinking  Bootloader active (during upgrade)
*Off                 Power off
  • Ethernet
*Green     Blinking  Ethernet activity
*          Solid on  Ethernet connection, no activity
*Off                 No Ethernet connection
  • Broadband
*Green     Blinking  Pending DSL line synchronisation
        Solid on  DSL line synchronised
*Off                 DSL chip is broken or not yet initialised or your BEBox is off
  • Internet
*Green     Blinking  Internet activity
        Solid on  Internet connectivity, no activity
*Red       Solid on  Internet connection setup failed
*Off                 No Internet connection

(A Red Internet LED can be ignored if connection to the internet is working OK. This will probably be because you have a static IP but the LED is configured to reflect the dynamic IP's interface - from the command line you can do system config defaultconnection Static to get the LED to go green. And saveall to make the change permanent).

  • Wireless
*Green     Blinking  Wireless activity, WPA(2) encryption
        Solid on  No wireless activity, WPA(2) encryption
*Amber     Blinking  Wireless activity, WEP encryption
        Solid on  No wireless activity, WEP encryption
*Red       Blinking  Wireless activity, no security
        Solid on  No wireless activity, no security
*Red/green Toggling  Wireless client registration phase
*Off                 WLAN disabled
  • WPS
*Green     Solid on  Client successfully registered via WPS
*Amber     Blinking  Waiting for WPS connection
*Red       Blinking  Failed WPS connection
*Off                 No WPS action requested

Web Interface

The router has a new log in procedure, form based rather than auth based
The rest is similar to the previous BEBoxes but with new graphical elements
The service selection screen

New static IP profile options

The WAN interfaces active in factory defaults mode (functions on both static and dynamic!)

Major Changes

  • The power supply is 12v instead of 22v (The older beboxes used 22v) and the BEBox end of the lead has a smaller plug. The 585v7 etc. power adapters will not connect to a 582n.
  • The "New - Multi-Static" profile is only to be used by customers who have multiple static IP addresses with BE. This profile will not work for single static IP users. See the note below about the factory default having both dynamic / static functionality.
  • Bridge mode has two "Internet" interfaces for both VPI/VCI 0.101 and 0.102 so both Dynamic and Static customers can use the same bridge template.
  • The default template (factory reset / dynamic mode) now contains both the static ip and dynamic ip configuration. The Static interface obtains its IP via DHCP because this is needed by BE's new network. Users with a static ip on the old network will need to use the Legacy Static template.

Firmware Upgrade

The upgrade wizard can be found in "\Setup\UpgradeWizard\Win2kXPVista\stInstall.exe" on the CD.

The CD that comes with the 582n has a bug in the firmware flash utility. When you get to the "select the firmware to flash" stage do NOT just click "Next" as it will not send the firmware file (but won't brick the router). Click on the firmware in the list FIRST and then click next, or try browsing to the firmware location.

Factory Reset

While the unit is on, hold down a thin object such as a paper clip into the reset hole at the back next to the power button until the power light on the unit goes off. Release the reset button.

Restoring a config

Beware when restoring a configuration file. Don't restore a configuration file from a different firmware. Ensure you use a short name for the ini file such as "user.ini" when restoring, it has been known for longer file names to upload but fail to apply.


Here's a guide for printer sharing on the 582n.

BE don't "support" this feature on the router so you are best asking for help on the BE forum if you are stuck rather than calling support or raising a ticket.

USB Mobile Dongle Internet

See the mobile internet page for more details.

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