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Devices Used: BeBox 585v7 & NetGear DG834Gv3 with DGTeam firmware!

WDS 834gv3.png

This just describes how to find and pair the two devices. You will need to make sure that they both have different IP addresses and that the "slave" (the one without the internet) has DHCP turned off.

First, make sure both the routers are on the same wireless channel and are using the same WEP key.

Router 1 wifi settings.png

Copy the Physical Address to clipboard / write it down etc.

Router 2 wifi settings.png

On the BeBox click on Configure WDS:


Then click on Scan for wireless accesspoints.


Tick WDS Enabled and the wireless network point in the list that you want to WDS to.


Click Apply.

On the Netgear router go to the Advanced Wireless Settings option and select "Repeater with Wireless Client Association".

Type in the Physical Address (MAC) of the BeBox that you copied above and click Apply. 2ndap wireless.png

Job done! You now have a terrible reliability and poor performance WDS wireless extension. Relocate it somewhere within range of the furthest computer, and the BeBox.

Wds working.png

Important Note for DG834GT's

It appears that there is not real WDS support on the 834GT and it can only be used as a "WDS Client" and cannot allow "repeating" of the network. For example:

WDS 834gt.png

Example Setting, follow all of the above except on the final step on the netgear:

834gt fail.png

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