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Notes about the BT 2Wire 2700HGV.

This router may need modifying to prevent the BE settings being overridden please see http://bt2700hgv.tripod.com/ir1002700HGV.htm

The SingTel unlocked firmware used on the later hubs will not accept a downstream SNRM below 8db, the router will NOT train below 8db regardless of the setting BE set.

I've also heard mention that the SBC/BT firmwares set the Minimum SNR at 6db

The Result being that the 2700HG May sync at lower speeds than the bebox or other ADSL2+ Routers. This router does not support Annex M.

Singtel firmware Confirmed working With BE

Setup Guide

*Kindly written by Allen Jamieson

Open IE

Enter “home” as the web address

Click settings and broadband

Enter these as your settings changing the default gateway and IP to the ones supplied to you by BE

Note! The DNS settings shown on the screenshot are the old ones, see the new ones below. BTBusinessHub.png

Heres the settings if you cant read the picture

VCI= 101

VPI= 0

DSL Connectivity Mode: RFC 1483 bridged or RFC 2684 bridged

Protocol: IPoATM

Encapsulation: LLC -based

Modulation: G.dmt 992.5 Annex A (Annex M isnt supported on this router)

Primary DNS server: (or openDNS

Secondary DNS server: (or openDNS

Click save... and voila... superfast easy setup

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